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RETURNS POLICY We have NO REFUND policy for customised or personalised products or apparel.Once you have placed an order and it is shipped to you including any personalised or customised jks product or cricket apparel , we do not refund the amount paid for the order and we do not replace or return the products or apparel.NOTE : if you order Cricket bats, gloves, helmets, kit bags, thigh guards, cricket balls and batting pads, which are not customised or personalised , once you got the delivery to either return or replace the product , you have 7 days, but it should not be used and it should be in original condition.


All orders placed through the website, Facebook page or Instagram page are subject to JKSPORTS JKS acceptance. This means that JKSPORTS JKS may refuse to accept or may cancel any order, whether or not the order has been confirmed, for any or no reason. Customers is fully responsible for all personalised or customised orders, it can be difference between pictures/graphics and original finished product . All the personalised or customised cricket products or apparel order , customers have to pay in advance the full amount to JKSPORTS JKS. Once the order will be placed , there will be NO REFUND.


Customer order at our website, Facebook page or Instagram page for any cricket gear or products, once we receive the order we will ship within three days. If the customer placed an order of cricket gear or product which are not available in stock we will refund the full amount paid.

IMPORTANT: For all the customised, personalised or sublimated apparel or any cricket product orders, we do not replace the product orders or refund the amount paid. It can be difference between pictures, graphics or mock ups with the finished product and personalised or sublimated appreal. Personalised, customise or sublimated apparel order can not be cancelled or changed once the payment is done.


JKSPORTS JKS is not legally bound to replace, return or refund any personalised or customised sold product. Customers can only get refund or replace the product ,which are not personalised or customised.


JKSPORTS JKS regrets that once an order containing personalised or customised items has been validated or confirmed it can not be changed or cancelled. We recommend customers to ask us for a sample of material or cloth for sublimated or customised or personalised apparel to check material, quality and size before they place an order. We do not charge for shipping a free sample.

All personalised or customised items can not be returned, changed or cancelled.


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We do use Australia post, FedEx, TNT and DHL as our courier companies, delivery and shipping time will be totally depend on the courier company.
Courier charges also depend on particular courier company we use for shipping your product.